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Top 60 Nail Design Picks for 2023 – Express Yourself with Chic and Trendy Styles

Hey there, nail enthusiasts! It’s that time again to dive into the wonderful world of nail design, where creativity knows no bounds. As someone who loves switching up my style and expressing myself through my nails, I’ve compiled a list of the 60 most excellent nail design ideas for 2023. Because, let’s face it, our nails stand like a canvas waiting to showcase our nature, mood, and, of course, the most delinquent trends.

Table of Contents

So, let’s get down to it!

1. White Nail Designs

Starting with a classic, white nail designs are my go-to for a simple, elegant look that suits any occasion. Trust me; they’re a timeless choice that never disappoints.

2. Black Nail Designs

Black Nail Designs

Who said black has to be grungy? Dive into the world of chic and elegant black nail designs with various textures and shapes. The versatility of black is unmatched!

3. Black and White Nail Designs

Monochrome magic! These swirly black and white nails scream sophistication. Paloma Picasso vibes, anyone?

4. Nude Nail Designs

Nude nails are my forever love. They never go out of fashion and effortlessly complement any outfit. Check out this understated bare flower design – cute and perfect for any occasion.

5. Nude Glitter Nails

Because glitter doesn’t have to be over the top, these nude glitter accent nails add the right sparkle.

6. Peach Nail Designs

Peach Nail Designs

I am taking things literally with these adorable nude nails adorned with peach art and flowers. Talk about a sweet touch!

7. Light Pink Nail Designs

Delicate and elegant, light pink nail designs with flowers are my favourite. The carefully painted lattices on a pink base exude an honest, feminine aesthetic.

8. Hot Pink Nail Designs

Cow print nails, anyone? Neon hues paired with cow-print accents for an instant pop of energy. It’s quirky, it’s fun!

9. Yellow Nail Designs

When life gives you lemons, paint them on your nails! Embrace the sunny vibes with yellow nail designs.

10. Neon Yellow Nails

Shine bright with these ’90s hearts paired with bold neon yellow. It’s a vibe!

11. Red Nail Designs

A classic! Red nails are a popular choice, and this modern take with a triple French tip by Chanel nail artist Betina Goldstein is seriously chic.

12. Orange Nail Designs

Juicy bright orange nails for spring and summer – pair them with daisies and gold dots, and you’re ready to slay.

13. Green Nail Designs

Swirly and versatile, green nail designs add a modern feel to any outfit. I’m digging this groovy green set with minty swirls.

14. Blue Nail Designs

Blue Nail Designs

Butterfly blue nails for a retro yet fun comeback in 2023. It’s intricate and charming.

15. Light Blue Nail Designs

Fresh, serene, light blue nails with pretty pearls for a 3D look. Elegant with a touch of glamour!

16. Turquoise Nail Designs

Turquoise glitter gradient nails give off real mermaid vibes – perfect for summer or a frosty winter set for Christmas—versatility at its best.

17. Royal Blue Nail Designs

Evil eye amulet looks are trending, and this royal blue set is superstition-chic. Perfect for my superstitious gals out there.

18. Navy Blue Nail Designs

Cool, dark, and mysterious – matte navy blue with flecks of silver. How cool does that look? Very!

19. Purple Nail Designs

Futuristic and attention-grabbing – these purple nails are giving off space-girl severe vibes. Ready to make a statement?

20. Lilac Nail Designs

Ombre nails – a classic choice that works with any style, length, and shape. I can’t resist these fab designs that work for any occasion.

21. Sparkly Purple Nails

Celebration time! Sparkly nails are a fun and versatile style—Customizable for any special event or to add a bit of glitz to your everyday life.

22. Lavender Nail Designs

Dreamy lavender, silver, glitter, and marble acrylic nails – a trendsetter with the calm Digital Lavender tone named WGSN’s colour of the year 2023. Talk about staying on trend!

23. Brown Nail Designs

Stylish and sophisticated brown nail designs add warmth and elegance to your look. I’m loving this multi-tonal look. So. Cute.

24. Gold Nail Designs

Gold options are endless – chrome gold, glitter gold, sparkle gold, and gold accent nails. These glitter and star-studded ones have stolen my heart.

25. Rose Gold Nail Designs

Classic rose gold, a colour for any occasion. This design with a complementary nude base is simply stunning.

26. Silver Nail Designs

Silver French tip nails with tiny gems – a subtle yet glamorous choice. I appreciate the little details that make a significant impact.

27. Chrome Nail Designs

Adding a touch of glam without going all out – chrome tips on longer nude nails. Perfect for those days when you want to keep it classy yet trendy.

28. Multi-Color Nail Designs

Traditional with a twist – hand-painted rainbow swirls on a neutral base. It’s a pop of colour at its finest!

29. Multicolored Gem Nails

Head-turner alert! Minimalist gem nails with abstract shapes – a unique take on the gem trend that I can’t get enough of.

30. Multicolored Abstract Nails

Think block colours, squiggly lines, and abstract shapes – this trend has taken over Instagram, and I’m here for it!

31. Flower Nail Art Designs

Flower Nail Art Designs

There are many ways to embrace flowers – from intricate designs to dainty dots. The choices are endless!

32. Bright Flower Nail Art Designs

Stamp it up! These bright flower print nails are clean and chic – a stamp for a neat finish.

33. French Tip Nail Art Designs

A classic nude and white combo on almond-shaped nails is a timeless choice that never goes out of style.

34. Colorful French Tip Nail Art Designs

Smiley face French tips using cool pastel colours – adding a touch of whimsy to your nails.

35. Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Dreamy pastel rainbow nails with painted stars and glitter – a subtle take on bold and bright rainbow nail art.

36. Tie-Dye Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Bright and bold tie-dye nail art – a fantastic twist on the classic rainbow nail look.

37. Simple Nail Art Designs

Elaborate is excellent, but simple can be just as eye-catching. These line nail art designs prove that less is more.

38. Easy Nail Art Designs

DIY your nails with ease! This simple design is perfect for beginners – you only need a small brush or a wooden dotting tool.

39. Easter Nails

Hop into the festive spirit with bunny and egg-themed Easter nails – adorable and perfect for the season.

40. Valentine’s Nail Designs

Whether it’s a romantic meal or a ‘Galentines’ celebration, add a bit of whimsy to your outfit with understated Valentine’s nail designs—neutral base with dainty hearts – sweet and chic.

41. Beach Nail Designs

Shell vibes and ocean hues – capture the essence of the beach with long, almond-shaped nails adorned with tiny shells.

42. Tropical Nail Designs

Matte tropical look with a nod to pineapples and flamingos – perfect for sipping a piña colada on the sand or pretending.

43. Halloween Nail Designs

Bats are getting a makeover with these cute Halloween nail designs. Spooky chic, anyone?

44. Olive Green Fall Nails

Olive Green Fall Nails

Warm, muted olive green for fall – a neutral base that pairs perfectly with other colours.

45. Christmas Nail Designs

All tied up with a bow – classic Christmas colours, red and gold, creating a festive and charming look.

46. Festive Nail Designs

Green, white, and gold set reminiscent of decorating the Christmas tree – festive and fabulous.

47. Long Nail Designs

Graceful almond, square, round, or stiletto shape – long nails offer elegance and space for stunning designs.

48. Moon and Star Long Nail Designs

Celestial vibes are everywhere, and these mystic metallic blue nails with gold designs capture the trend perfectly.

49. Short Nail Designs

Short and clean nails can still shine! Add some gems or pearls for a touch of glamour.

50. Block Color Short Nail Designs

Excellent and versatile – block colour short nails that can be customized with desired hues.

51. Almond Nail Designs

Nicknamed ‘the orbit,’ these nails are a trend from the runway to everyday life. I can see why they’re still going strong!

52. 3D Almond Nail Designs

Take the almond nail design up a notch with 3D elements like gems, pearls, and charms. Adorable and chic.

53. Stiletto Nail Designs

Daring and dramatic, stiletto-shaped nails are a statement choice. Watch out for those eyes!

54. Flame Stiletto Nail Designs

Flame designs on stiletto-shaped nails take off – go neon and black for contrast or pastel shades for a subtler look.

55. Oval Nail Designs

Classic oval nails – neat, symmetrical, and suitable for everyone. I love this Aztec-style set with painted ferns, black triangles, and gold line accents.

56. Nude Oval Nail Designs

Nude base, versatile design – this Aztec-style set with painted ferns, black triangles, and gold line accents is a winner.

57. Square Nail Designs

Square Nail Designs

Short square nails with a pop of colour on the tips – tidy and chic.

58. Long Square Nail Designs

Long square nails offer endless design possibilities – this tortoiseshell set with accent nails is a stunner.


59. Coffin Nail Designs

Coffin-shaped nails for making a statement at festivals – I’m all about this bold choice.

60. Marble Coffin Nail Designs

Marble nail designs on long coffin nails – simplicity meets sophistication. Matte grey with gold or silver accents?

There you keep it, my fellow nail enthusiasts – 60 nail plan ideas to inspire your next manicure adventure. Whether you’re into classic elegance, bold statements, or playful designs, there’s something for everyone in the colourful world of nail art. So, express yourself, and let your nails steal the spotlight! Enjoy your next fabulous manicure journey!

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