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Tips to Pick the Perfect Glue for Your Hair Pieces for Women

Getting a new wig or dream hair topper is a thrilling experience, as you can finally see yourself with a full head of hair again. They also allow you to completely switch up your style at the drop of a hat, changing colors and hair lengths with ease and without needing to change any natural hair you may have underneath. However, with a new hairpiece comes a new fear: what if it slips right off your head?! That’s where wig glue comes to the rescue. With suitable hairpiece glue, you never need to worry about your wig falling off, but knowing which bond is the right one can be challenging when so many options are available. In this blog, we will break down the factors you should consider to pick the perfect glue for your women’s wigs or hair toppers.


The first thing to consider when picking your wig glue is your lifestyle. Do you live a relatively inactive lifestyle? Do you not sweat much? Then, most bonds will work well for you. If you do a lot of physical activities, plan on getting the system wet, or expose it to moisture through the weather or sweat, you will want to make sure you choose a waterproof glue. These glues can hold up to the wetness they are exposed to and will keep a firm grip between the wig or topper and your scalp. Walker Safe Grip is an example of a wig glue that is great for those needing a water and moisture-proof solution.


Along with lifestyle, the climate of where you live can significantly impact the moisture and humidity you are exposed to, which can affect the efficacy of your wig glue. If you live somewhere very hot but dry, you will want an adhesive that works well in hot temperatures like Max Adhere 360°. If you live somewhere hot and humid, something like the Walker Safe Grip mentioned above is a good choice. Generally, any glue should be fine for the temperatures if you live in cold climates.


Another significant factor to consider when choosing your glue is whether or not you have any skin sensitivities or allergies that the bond and its ingredients could trigger. Since the bond will be touching your head’s susceptible skin, irritations or allergic reactions can occur. There are two good ways to handle this. The first is to buy more gentle glues on the skin, which tend to be water-based glues like the Ghostbond line of products. The second way to avoid irritation is to perform a skin patch test on the inside of the arm with the glue before applying it to the scalp to ensure no reaction occurs. If there is a reaction from the patch test, you can return your bond and exchange it for a different product. 

Hold time

The most important thing to consider when selecting a suitable glue is how long you want it to attach to your wig or hair topper. Many people like to remove their women’s hairpieces at the end of every day to keep them from tangling overnight. To do this, you must purchase a hairpiece glue that does not have a super strong hold and an excellent solvent to remove the glue daily. A good glue with a weaker hold to try is Mighty Tite Glue by Walker. Most wig glues available will fall into this range if you want something to last a few weeks. The Ghost Bond line of products is always a favorite among clients. If you are looking for the strongest hold possible to last up to a month or longer, Extreme Hold by Walker can last 4+ weeks. Find a glue that matches your requirements for whatever hold you are looking for.

Finding the perfect glue for your woman’s wig or hair topper is essential if you use hairpiece glue as part of your attachment process. There are many options, each with unique specialties that may make them the right fit for you. Make sure to consider all the things listed in this blog, and you should easily select the right one. If you have cancer or alopecia, you may need glue to cover the whole area where your wig will be. Some may only require glue to secure down the lace front of the hairpiece, and others may need it to book the rug over a lousy area. Regardless, if you want an excellent place to get high-quality hairpiece glue, check Superhairpieces for one of North America’s most extensive supplies.

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