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The Most Useful Internships for High School Students

A lot of students decide to combine education with part-time or full-time employment. It is a great way to earn money for a living and gain first-hand experience. Those who are employed in the field of their studies also learn from professionals. However, in any case, it is a valuable opportunity to develop many skills that will be useful in a future career.

With many internships for high school students these days, starting to earn money becomes more accessible. Internships provide students with valuable experience in their chosen field, helping them develop professional skills and increasing their chances of employment after graduation. Additionally, internships often allow students to earn extra income, which helps cover tuition fees and living expenses. These opportunities enable students to build their careers and financial independence while still in school. Let’s take a look at the best internships for students.

Sales Associate

There is a significant number of student positions open in retail. Usually, one will work in a shop, help customers, and perform internal tasks. These include maintaining displays, answering questions, helping clients with products, etc. People working in sales need to have excellent communication and organizational skills. They offer excellent customer service, represent the brand, and maintain the shop’s environment in outstanding condition. Customer service positions might be demanding, but they often have a flexible schedule, training opportunities, and decent salaries.

Administrative Assistant

Assistants manage various administrative tasks on behalf of other employees or the office. The responsibilities might include:

● Answering emails;

● Taking calls;

● Greeting customers and visitors;

● Taking notes on meetings;

● Maintaining files and records;

● Distributing internal memos;

● Preparing and copying documents.

Students can apply for assistant positions in various industries, from law firms to IT companies. Almost any type of business needs such an employee.


If you know more than one language, it is a perfect opportunity to get a job as a translator. One can work for an agency that deals with many projects or try freelancing. The first option is comfortable as you do not have to look for clients. The second one allows you to work on yourself and earn more.

In any case, written translation is a very flexible employment opportunity. You can work remotely in the comfort of your room. And there are no fixed work hours; you just need to meet the deadline.


Those happy working in the food service industry can find many job opportunities. Servers greet clients, take and bring orders, set the tables, and communicate with other employees. It is a physically demanding position, as one might spend many hours on one’s feet.

The benefits of working for a food chain restaurant or local café often include:

● Flexible hours;

● Decent pay;

● Training opportunities;

● Meals provided;

● Bonuses and tips;

● Healthcare (if you work for a well-established chain).


It is one of the top positions to get without experience or specific knowledge. Transcriptionists listen to audio and transcribe it into a text form. They might work with all sorts of that stuff, from interviews to lectures.

One can work for an agency or choose individual clients. In any case, you’ll need proper grammar, fast typing, and attention to detail.


Tutors give individual lessons on a subject they are good at. They might assist with homework and test preparation to increase the client’s academic performance.

It is possible to work both online and offline. One can be a tutor in any field of knowledge they can help others, from Physics to Music.

On-Campus Jobs

In this category, we’ve combined on-campus employment options that one might be interested in. Colleges/high schools often offer several positions to students, depending on their specialty. Those can be:

● Library clerk;

● Student assistant to a department or faculty;

● Research assistant;

● Campus counselor.

This is convenient for many young adults as they get to work on campus, earn experience, and network.

Bottom Line

Getting an internship while in a high school allows for developing skills, earning money, and gaining valuable experience. Whether you prefer working with people or with documents, many offers are available for everybody.

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