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Tips and Tricks from the Kids on a Plane a Family Travel Blog

Welcome to Kids on a Plane, a Family Travel Blog, your ultimate destination for conquering the challenges of flying with children. I completely understand how daunting the idea of flying with kids can be. I’ve been in your shoes, and I’m excited to share my personal advice with you. In my travel blog, you’ll discover all the practical tips and tricks that have transformed my own flights into stress-free adventures. Let’s work together to make your next journey with your little ones a breeze!

As parents and experienced travelers, we’ve been there, done that, and learned invaluable sessions along the way. Whether you’re planning your first family flight or looking for ways to improve your travel involvement, this article will be your trusty guide to making air travel with kids entertaining for everyone involved.

Entertaining Your Kids on a Plane a Survival Guide


Pack Fun Activities

Keeping kids engaged during a flight is key to a peaceful journey. Bring a variety of activities that cater to your child’s interests. Coloring books, puzzles, and activity books are excellent options for quieter playtime. Additionally, a tablet loaded with their favorite movies or games, along with child-friendly headphones, can be a lifesaver.

Snacks and Treats

Hunger and boredom are a recipe for tantrums at 30,000 feet. Pack an assortment of snacks that your kids love. Opt for healthy, non-messy options like pre-packaged snacks, fruit cups, or granola bars. A few treats like candy, cookies, or gummies can add a special touch to keep spirits high.

Engage in Interactive Games

Make the flight an interactive experience. Classic games like I Spy, 20 Questions, or the Alphabet Game can be surprisingly entertaining for kids. Engaging in these games not only helps pass the time but also promotes family bonding.

Take Walks on the Plane

If cabin conditions allow, encourage your kids to take short walks up and down the aisle. These mini-breaks can help them burn off some energy and alleviate restlessness. However, always be considerate of fellow passengers and flight attendants.

Start a Conversation

I absolutely love bonding with my kids through those heartwarming, meaningful conversations. It’s such a precious opportunity to connect and build lasting memories together. I often ask them about their interests, hobbies, and what they’re excited about for our upcoming trip. Hearing about their thoughts and experiences really makes me feel involved in this journey with them. It’s moments like these that remind me how special our family time is.

Navigating Airports with Children Stress-Free Strategies

Arrive Early

To avoid rushing and unnecessary stress, plan to arrive at the airport at least three hours before your flight. This extra time provides a buffer for unexpected delays and ensures a smoother experience for your family.

Pack Smart

Packing efficiently is crucial when traveling with kids. Have a dedicated carry-on bag filled with essentials like snacks, toys, games, medications, extra clothes, diapers, and wipes. This bag will be your lifeline during layovers and delays.

Use a Stroller or Baby Carrier

Navigating a bustling airport with children and luggage can be daunting. Consider using a stroller or baby carrier to ease the load. Most airlines allow strollers to be checked at the gate for free, and some even permit them on board.

Take Advantage of Family Lanes

Many airports offer family lanes at security checkpoints, allowing families with young children to move through security more efficiently. Utilize these lanes to streamline the process and reduce waiting times.

Stay Calm and Be Flexible

Above all, maintain a calm and flexible attitude. Traveling with kids can be unpredictable, and not everything will go according to plan. Embrace the adventure, adapt to changes when necessary, and remember that your positive demeanor sets the tone for your children’s experience.


In conclusion, with proper planning and a positive outlook, flying with kids on a plane can become an enjoyable family adventure. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this article, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the challenges that air travel with children may bring. Safe travels, and may your family’s journey be filled with wonderful memories!

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