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Going to a Renaissance Fair: What to Wear for Different Activities

Welcome, noble readers, to the enchanting world of Renaissance fairs, where time stands still, and the echoes of the past reverberate through every cobbled pathway. As you embark on this whimsical journey, one question echoes: What to wear for such a grand spectacle? Fear not, fair patrons, for we are here to guide you through the intricate tapestry of Renaissance fair etiquette, unveiling the perfect attire for various activities that await you.

General Guidelines for Renaissance Fair Attire

Before we delve into the specifics, let us lay the groundwork for the perfect Renaissance fair ensemble. Comfort reigns supreme, my friends, as you navigate through bustling crowds and engage in merriment. Choose fabrics that breathe and allow for free movement, and consider layers to adapt gracefully to the capricious whims of weather.

Jousting Tournaments

Ah, the thunderous clash of lances and the exhilarating cheers of the crowd! If you find yourself in the spectator stands, opt for comfortable footwear and sun protection as you witness the valiant knights in action. Should you be tempted to partake in the jousting revelry yourself, armor yourself in sturdy garments, blending protection with a touch of elegance fit for the tournament grounds.

Royal Feasts and Banquets

Prepare to dine like royalty at the grand feasts! Attending such regal affairs demands attire befitting the occasion. Regale yourself in rich fabrics, and do not shy away from opulent accessories like crowns and jewelry. Strike a harmonious balance between historical accuracy and personal flair to truly embody the noble spirit of the feast. Have you thought about wearing a corset before? Head to HolyClothing to learn about how to wear a corset with Renaissance dresses and you’ll fit right into the banquet.

Artisan Markets and Strolling

As you wander through the charming streets and bustling markets, opt for casual yet period-inspired attire. Embrace the opportunity to showcase unique accessories crafted by local artisans. Remember, this is your chance to shine as a discerning patron of the arts, blending seamlessly with the creative tapestry of the fair.

Entertainment Performances

As the sun dips below the horizon, the stage comes alive with theatrical performances and interactive merriment. For those gracing the stage, choose attire that complements the theme of the performance. Whether you’re a jestering troubadour or a fair maiden swept up in a lively dance, let your attire reflect the drama and magic of the Renaissance stage.

Outdoor Activities: Archery, Fencing, and Games

Venture outdoors and partake in the lively pursuits of archery, fencing, and various games that echo through the fairgrounds. Practicality takes precedence here, with comfortable and flexible attire for ease of movement. Don sturdy footwear, for the uneven terrain may challenge even the nimblest of souls.

Special Themed Days

Ah, the excitement of special themed days that add an extra layer of enchantment to the Renaissance faire experience! Be sure to check the fair’s schedule for any themed events, and tailor your attire accordingly. Whether it be a masquerade, pirate day, or a fantastical realm inspired by folklore, let your costume weave seamlessly into the overarching theme for a truly immersive adventure.

Family-Friendly Attire

For families traversing the fairgrounds together, the quest for the perfect attire takes a familial twist. Ensure the little ones are adorned in comfortable and safe garments, allowing them to frolic freely in the enchanting surroundings. Consider coordinating family costumes for a touch of unity, creating lasting memories amidst the Renaissance revelry.

How to Ensure You Are Comfortable Wearing a Corset

Have you never worn a corset before? While this can be a stunning piece of clothing that brings out your femininity, it can also be an item that takes some getting used to. In particular, you can feel restricted and uncomfortable if you don’t shop for one carefully. Here are some tips that can ensure this doesn’t happen.

Analyze the Sizing Guide

First of all, don’t guess the size of the corset you need. Every company is different in how they make their clothing. While a small at one brand might be the average size, another company’s small could be a medium. Even if you’ve always been small, this doesn’t mean that this will be your size with the corset you’ve found. Thus, before you buy, read the sizing guide carefully for measurements.

In addition, you want to take measurements of yourself. This includes the bust and waist for a corset. Then, you can match your measurements with the sizing guide. When in doubt, choose the larger size. It’s better to have more room, and you can adjust the corset than to feel uncomfortable with it being too tight.

Do Not Go too Tight

Many people feel the urge to pull a corset really tight on their body. In other words, they lace it up tightly and it can feel like it’s hugging your figure. While this might be flattering for a while, this is how you’re soon going to get uncomfortable. You can have trouble breathing, get a sore back and generally start to feel horrible. In addition, it won’t feel comfortable if you’re enjoying a meal. Instead, avoid the urge to make your corset tight. Instead, leave some wiggle room and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Break in the Corset

You’ve bought this corset for a special event. Don’t make the mistake of wearing it for the first time on this occasion. This has disaster written all over it. Instead, you need to season the corset. This is the process of softening it and ensuring it feels comfortable to wear. Start by wearing it for short amounts of time and then gradually increase the duration. Then, by the time the event comes around, you’ll be used to how the corset feels, and it won’t rub or feel tight to wear.


As we bid adieu to this journey through the sartorial wonders of the Renaissance fair, remember, dear patrons, that your attire is not merely fabric and thread. It is a portal to another time, a key unlocking the magic of this extraordinary experience. Embrace the spirit of the fair, revel in the camaraderie, and let your attire be the brushstrokes that paint your unique story on the canvas of this grand celebration.

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