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Do You Put Fuel Injector Cleaner In Before or After Gas?

Many car owners choose to use a fuel additive to lubricate and clean the system and prolong its service life. However, there seems to be some confusion about when to use these products. The following advice can help you find the right fuel treatment and use it correctly. 

Choosing the Right Fuel Injector Cleaner for Your Car

Fuel injector cleaners are formulated for specific use cases. However, some are more versatile than others. For example, CataClean fuel cleaner 16.7oz can be used in gas, diesel, and hybrid engines. However, not all products are safe for this wide of a range of cars and trucks. It pays to take a few minutes to read the package and make sure it’s what you need before adding it to your tank. Treatments are available in several formulations, including:

  • Diesel engines
  • Gas engines
  • Gas and diesel engines
  • High mileage cars

How To Use Fuel Injector Cleaner

Every product should have instructions on the bottle, and you want to be sure to follow them for the best results and to avoid damaging your car. Most products call for a process similar to the following steps.

Let Your Gas Tank Get Low

You want to let your tank get pretty low before adding a treatment. This removes any old fuel from the tank to help it work better. If you aren’t comfortable driving with an almost empty tank, try to at least get it close to a quarter tank before using fuel injector treatment. 

Add the Treatment to Your Tank

Add in the full bottle of Lucas Oil Products fuel treatment 5.25oz right before you add fuel. These single-use bottles make it very convenient to know how much you are putting in the tank. If you buy a larger size container, you’ll need to measure out the correct amount. Either way, do it at the pump before adding gas or diesel. 

Some products call for adding them after you already filled up, but that is not common. However, if yours does, or if you forget to add it before you start pumping, it’s usually fine to add it after. A few minutes of driving will likely mix it in with the fuel. 

Fill It Up As Usual

Now you can add the fuel to your tank. As you fill it up, the fuel will mix with the treatment product to ensure it is diluted to the correct strength. If you have an oversized tank, pay attention to the maximum amount of gas or diesel your product will treat per bottle. 

Drive Normally Until the Tank Is Low

Most fuel treatments recommend you let your tank get low before refilling it. This gives the treatment a chance to work through the system without being overly diluted. So, once your car is pretty low, go ahead and fill it up. You are now ready to go until the next time you need to add a fuel line treatment. 

Products like CRC Guaranteed To Pass Fuel System Cleaner 12oz can help improve your car’s efficiency and performance while also supporting cleaner emissions. Shop online or at your local auto parts store for a great selection of fuel treatment products.

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