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Creating a Personalized and Productive Home-Based Work Space

A good amount of people work primarily from home nowadays.  But whether you work from home full-time, part-time or use your space for creative thinking.  We all want to be able to work efficiently, being as productive as possible in our home-based work space.

A Multi-Viewing Screen Experience 

We are expected to multi-tasked like never before in our fast paced environment.  Having a set up with multiple screens can give us an advantage in being able to physically separate different projects.  Freeing up our minds to work as efficiently as possible on the more demanding tasks.

Laptop arms

The multi-screen setup with a laptop arm is amazing.  This setup is best for when you are taking your laptop back and forth between the office.  It can dramatically reduce the stress on your neck from looking back and forth between monitors. It puts both screens at eye level.  The arms are adjustable that help with your posture preventing unnecessary back pain. Most of the laptop arm mounts conceal the cables giving you a visually pleasing and organized space.

Setting up a Specific Space for Working At home

Many studies have shown how setting up a designated workspace at home, separate from your other home activities significantly improves your work performance. It reduces the likelihood of getting distracted.  Enhances our work-life balance and makes it easier to remove ourselves from work related stress when we walk away.  Then might I add the comfort of home to rejuvenate yourself.  Before heading back to the grindstone to continue work.

The Chair

I mean how important is it to have “The Chair”.  How much time will you spend sitting in your office chair?  It is important to consider time with the purchase of your office chair.  One of the features to think about is does it have an adjustable lumbar support, is it supporting your back?  It should support your natural posture.  It needs to be comfortable for long periods of time. 


What to consider before buying headphones: 

  • Noise canceling headphones for those that may not live alone or have noisy neighbors this may be a necessity. 
  • Sound quality needs to be good whether you are having phone calls or listening to media entertainment.  The sound quality is paramount.
  • The fit and comfort.  The last thing you want to experience is having to adjust your headphones or having them fall off constantly.  So make sure they are the correct fit.  Can you have them on for long periods of time without having to take them off.
  • Microphone quality: People need to be able to understand what you are saying in order to make progress on any work efficiently.



The lighting is Important to protect you against eye strain. Proper lighting helps with focus and will allow you to concentrate better.  Installing certain types of lights have even been known to help energy levels.  With lighting we can create a personalized environment for our work space.


Aromatherapy can be incorporated in our work space in many ways.  There are diffusers, candles, incense to name a few.  They can have stress reducing effects.  By using scents such as lavender, chamomile, or frankincense.  Improving focus with peppermint or rosemary, which are known for helping with clarity and concentration. There are mood scents as well citrus, bergamot, or ylang-ylang. Those are my favorite


If you find yourself with excessive noise or even dealing with being unable to focus.  Certain types of music could be of help such as classical, meditation music. Using music as a tool can help you be able to match the energy of the task you are doing.Ultimately though the use of music is to enhance our personal experience so make yourself comfortable and productive. 

Office supplies:

Having the right supplies in your space is important for productivity and organization.  Having Personalized supplies that fit our needs is a joy.  Some of us need to have a space outside of the digital world to write down our ideas.  So have your little black book or personalized notebook handy.  Also other supplies to consider. pens, pencils, and highlighters are basic, sticky notes and Page Flags which are great for reminders.

Personalization Items: 

  • Photos: Having photos around you of close friends, family and cherished memories can help us to feel more comfortable.  This can also be motivation to help us remember what   inspires us to work hard. Making this connection is a great tool. 
  • Artwork: having artwork sculptures, painting, and other decorative pieces can help us keep our creativity flowing.
  • Motivational quotes- can be put in frames or just on sticky notes in appropriate places to serve as reminders of our goals.  It can help us keep a positive outlook as we work.
  • Indoor plants: Nature has this amazing ability to ground us.  Live plants can help improve the very air quality around us.  If you can’t keep a live plant alive don’t feel bad.  Some succulents or ferns can help improve the visual flow of your space.
  • Collectables:Collectables are a great way to showcase a hobby or interest.  To make it feel like yours.  What to collect?  I have seen everything from stationary to collectable movie figurines. Really anything just make sure it makes you feel happy and productive.

Vision Board

Most of us have heard about vision boards whether it is in personal or professional applications.  If you haven’t let me briefly explain. A vision board is a powerful tool used to manifest your goals or vision.  You create a collection of images or items that each represent a specific goal, typically on a board.  The idea is you will see the board and it will deliver a message to your brain clearly, this is “it” the idea.


Supplies you can use to create your vision board. You can use canvas or a corkboard, poster, foam board or you can do it digital.  You can go into canva and create a background you can look at regularly or keep one image up at a time to work on the one goal. So people get really creative with it. You can collect magazine or newspaper clippings or just print images.  You can use images of objects, words or quotes that inspire you and fill you with motivation to obtain your goals.  If you are doing a physical board you may need scissors to cut out images, Glue, tape or pushpins to secure the images or words to your board.

Creating your vision board

  • Setting clear goals will have to be broken down into steps to make it achievable.  Start with clear goals. To achieve this you must have a clear understanding of what you want.  You will find out with the vision board it is an ever changing vision.  The things that are not motivated from within but from outside influences.  Will have to make room for the clearer vision of what you really want to achieve.  
  • What to collect for visuals: when you are looking at magazines, newspapers or objects.  They should correlate with career, personal growth, travel or fitness goals, anything you want to create in your life. Arrange them anyway you want.  You can have more than one board if you want to separate into categories just remember to keep it achievable. 
  • Add Inspirational quotes: They can help with creating a mood for your specific goals.
  • Beautiful: no one wants to look at chaos, make it visually appealing.  It should represent you after all.
  • Be specific: The more specific it is the more achievable it will be.
  • Review your vision board regularly:  You change and your board should change.It can be good when you have met a goal to remove it and add a new one.

Your home-office vision board will be a powerful reminder of your goals and dreams.  Keep yourself focused and motivated to keep moving toward your aspirations.

Curating a Personalized space.

All of these improvements whether they are done for productivity or personalization.  Can help you curate your space to inspire you, setting you up for success in the modern age of the home-office.

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