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6 Ways to Modernise Your Bedroom?

It’s normal to want to give your bedroom a refresh after a while and if you’re thinking about upgrading your space, consider a modern look. When you’re in love with your surroundings, it can make your bedroom feel more like home so inject some contemporary personality into your interior. Here are six ways to make your bedroom more stylish:


Whatever style or design scheme you go for, clutter is your enemy. People with cluttered rooms are more likely to have trouble falling asleep and experience increased stress, so investing in fitted furniture with plenty of storage options is a priority. When you give every belonging a home, the vibe of a space is considerably calmer and more relaxing. 

Not only are fitted wardrobes modern, but they are very functional and offer a cohesive look for your bedroom. Amp up the style with a mirror finish that not only brightens up your room but will make it look bigger than before. 

Colour Palette 

An impactful way to give your space a more modern edge is with the colour palette. The colour of your bedroom will influence the atmosphere of the room and is reflective of your tastes. Popular bedroom colours for 2024 include green, blue, and monochromes but it’s important to select a colour that is conducive to rest and relaxation. 

While it’s true that modern rooms have stricter colour schemes than other styles, don’t feel as though you need to stick to mundane whites and greys, as even these shades are outdated now. You can curate a gorgeous contemporary room filled with bold and adventurous choices such as greens, purples, or pinks.


Your bed is unarguably the most important feature of a bedroom. It is not only the key to achieving a good night’s sleep but also the main focal point in your room.

Make your bed the main event by investing in a statement headboard. Choose a textured headboard made from rattan or velvet, or even opt for an oversized print to add some personality to your space. Pay special attention to your bedding – it needs to be comfy, functional, and relaxing. Go for breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton in soothing tones and colours. 

General Rejig

If your bedroom is feeling a little bit dated and boring, why not move things around a bit? Rejigging your room can make it feel as though you’ve had an entire renovation.

Modern bedrooms often have a specific area for sitting and relaxing, other than the bed of course. If you rejig your furniture, you may be able to spare a simple corner to create this little nook. If you have the space, use this portion of your bedroom for a comfortable seat, some books on a small shelf and a floor lamp. This exudes sophistication and freshness in a bedroom. 

Just make sure to measure and plan where you want everything to go beforehand, otherwise this process could get a bit tricky!


Contemporary lighting is a must for a modern room since it plays a crucial role in shaping the feel of a space. Lighting will affect your mood and comfort levels so be sure to invest in a style that compliments this type of interior well. For the light itself, warm tones are currently very popular, as they create a cosy and comforting ambience which is perfect for the bedroom.

Modern aesthetics make a statement all of their own so consider choosing understated metal light structures and simple styles that won’t clash with your accessories. Despite the irony, using vintage lampshades or fixtures is very trendy right now, so upgrading these is also a great way to increase the stylistic value of your bedroom. 


Modern spaces often use textures within the interior to add depth and character. Materials such as metal, wood, brass, and glass offer a sleek, polished finish to your room. In contrast, matte textures provide a more subdued, contemporary appearance. 

Don’t be afraid to use a wide variety of different textures in your room, as this range adds intrigue. An easy way to use textiles is by upgrading your soft furnishings, such as curtains, cushions or rugs. Pick interesting patterns and materials for an eclectic yet modern vibe.  

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